Getting Started With Zoom!

With the restrictions in place from COVID-19 we are using Zoom Video Conferencing to be able to continue to meet together as the Church. We are thankful to live in a time when although we cannot physically meet with one another we are still able to talk and see one another.

Windows or Mac Installation


To install the Zoom application for Windows or Mac please click on and then click "Download" below "Zoom Client for Meetings".

Once downloaded open the saved installation file and follow the instructions to install. 

Once installed you will only need to click on a link to a Zoom meeting and the application will open for you.


To install Zoom from an Android or Apple device got http and tap on the Download button. This will open either Google Play or the Apple Store where you can then install the application.

Once installed you are ready to join the next meeting! Shortly before the meeting a link will be sent either by text or email that you just need to click on and it will open Zoom,.

Joining A Meeting

After you have install Zoom on either your computer or mobile device you are ready to join a meeting! You will receive either a e-mail or text message with an invitation to join a meeting. It should look something like in the image above. Click or tap on the link and you will be asked if you want to use Zoom, choose Zoom.

Go ahead when asked and put in your name and then click/tap "Ok".

Last to be able to see others and let others see and hear you, you will be asked for permission to your microphone and camera. Say yes to both so others can hear and see you. Then you'll be good to go!