This page is to help all of the members of our church to stay updated with different ministries of TEFC. If you would like to be alerted whenever this page has been updated you can sign up for our texting service.

  • 4/9/20 - Maundy Thursday Service - 7:00pm

    Please join us Thursday evening via Zoom for our Maundy Thursday service. The meeting will be available starting at 6:45pm and the service will begin at 7pm. Please see our setup instructions for getting started with Zoom.

    Please click the link below to join the webinar:

  • 4/7/20 - Zoom test meeting

    Tuesday evening at 6:00pm we will be having a test meeting so that anyone who needs help installing and connecting to a zoom meeting can try. Please see our setup instructions for zoom and then you can follow the following link to meet with us.

    Please click the link below to join the meeting:

    Once connected feel free to hangout and talk with anyone else who joins!

  • 3/21/20

    Here is the information to enable you to join with us around the Word, song and prayer for Sunday, March 22.

    1. You will notice first thing that the service is prerecorded. We recorded on Saturday evening to help minimize the errors on this first run. This does not mean that in the future will not live stream, it just means that for our first time out with new equipment we want to minimize the errors. (I write you this update before we have begun to record and am not sure what still awaits us!) We really do covet your prayers as this is an area that we have no experience or expertise.

    2. We are asking that you will wait until our regularly scheduled Corporate Worship hour, 9:30 Sunday morning, to view this recording. We are trying to make this a time that we can experience praising, seeking and hearing from our Lord together.

    3. You can access the video in two ways: Go to our web page, (tulareefc.org), and on the page that pops up you will see a video link. Clink on that link and you should be able to view the video. You can also go to our Facebook page,, (Tulare Evangelical Free Church),  and hit the video link. Either avenue should allow you to participate with us. 

    We thank you so much for your patience. We would much prefer to meet in person, but for now we are grateful that this internet platform is available to us. May God use the process and end product for His glory.

    Let's continue to strive to know and delight in the Lord proclaiming His supremacy. That is not only a great pursuit for this coming Sunday morning, but for every moment of every day.

    Soli Deo Gloria, 


  • 3/18/2020

    Dear TEFC Family,

    Our Elders met last night for prayer, discussion and planning in response to the

    directives from our government in regard to the Coronavirus. Since we are presently

    advised not to meet in groups of more than 10 people, we have canceled our worship

    services for at least the next two weeks. The Elders will continue to meet weekly as

    more information becomes available and keep you aware of when we can meet

    together once again.

    We are saddened that we will not be able to join together for corporate worship. Maybe

    God is allowing us to see how privileged we have been to join together as His

    redeemed people and sit under the Word; encourage and admonish one another

    through song; to bow our heads together in prayer and receive the special means of

    grace experienced in the Lord’s Supper and baptism.

    With that said, we are going to offer a live-stream or pre-recorded service for our joint

    edification. It will include singing and the preached Word. We are asking that all of you

    will join with us at your homes online at our regular corporate gathering time: 9:30. More

    information concerning how to connect is forthcoming. We are still working out all the

    details. We are asking for your prayers as we have never done this before, and it

    probably won’t be of the greatest visual and audio quality, but it won’t be for lack of

    effort! Some of our people are working on making it the best we can offer even as I write

    this update. You can be assured against that backdrop, that we will do our best in

    preaching the Word and leading you in prayer and some singing.

    Our Elders will be contacting and communicating with you throughout this time in the life

    of our church. Thank you for your prayers and patience with us as we look for creative

    ways to minister to all of you. The situation in which we are presently living is fluid so we

    realize our present plans will probably change. We are asking that God would make us

    like the men of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what to do

    (1 Chronicles 12:32).

    For right now, financial giving can be done online at tularefec.org/give; or sent via snail

    mail at 2100 E. Cross St. or dropped off at the office.

    Worshipping and serving God together with you,